Steve Smith
Source2tap Director




Steve Smith is a highly respected chartered scientist in the UK water sector. He is director of Source2tap, a consulting firm specialized in risk assessment and risk management in water supply systems.

Steve Smith has over 35 years of experience in the water supply and regulatory sector. His expertise, both strategic and practical, covers regulation, treatment processes, networks, water resources and quality; skills which have been used in the successful completion of many projects.

He has actively promoted the development of Drinking Water Safety Plans (DWSPs) in the UK Water Industry. He was a member of a National Water Research Steering Group which prepared a methodology for the preparation of DWSPs. He was also a member of the project team undertaking two further National projects. The first was looking at how UK water companies were progressing with their Plans; the second investigated the integration of Distribution Operation Maintenance Strategies (DOMS) and DWSPs.

He led a team which has completed over 80 plans for a UK water company and has advised several other companies on how to complete their Plans through training sessions and workshops. He has presented plans to the Drinking Water Inspectorate and an Expert Group from the European Commission.  He was a member of the team tasked to prepare DWSPs for Scottish Water and has coordinated a multidiscipline team responsible for linking DWSPs with DOMS, business risk, and embedding this risk based ethos into a company.

Steve has been responsible for preparing DWSPs for a large water company in Portugal. This has involved establishing the methodology, completion of the plans and latterly auditing their use in the company.

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