Our main purpose is to ensure the provision of a service that meets our customer needs, always giving priority to public health protection, the sustainability of the water supply service and compliance with legal requirements.

We strive to add value for our customers by working to understand their business drivers, their culture, their ambitions and constraints and the risks they face so we can meet their needs in the most effective way – helping achieve more for less.

In order to achieve our customer expectations in terms of cost, requirements and schedule, acquawise´s develops its work on five major steps:

  1. Initial diagnosis
  2. Analysis and preparation of the work plan
  3. Implementation
  4. Monitoring
  5. Revision

Throughout the project, there are regular meetings with the client to clarify the situation of the work plan, establish and make decisions and when appropriate workshops are conducted to ensure the reliability of the solutions presented.

This integrated approach allows acquawise to offer solutions designed to:

  • Increase the capacity water suppliers to react promptly to potential threats to public health due to contaminated water or other events that may endanger the safety of the water.
  • Embody the best of the best practices and thereby optimize performance and productivity of their water supply systems.
  • Allow water suppliers to demonstrate in an auditable way, to its users and to all stakeholders that they are committed to safeguarding public health as well as the sustainability of the service they provide.

Please contact us if you feel that we may be able to help you in delivering your organisation's water cycle and technology management goals.


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